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  • BLOG: How NOT to run - views from a graduate teacher

    11th May 16

    Lizzy Motteram from Caulfield Grammar School is a second year graduate teacher who is keen to think outside the box and try new things when it comes to starting the school year. Whilst most standard lessons consist of brainstorming and then completing the task, in this Blog Lizzy questions whether students are more likely to remember the lesson if they are able to have fun, learn with each other and are all on the same playing field.

  • BLOG: Differentiation and a ‘non-versus’ approach

    4th May 16

    When in a learning environment, each students' circumstances and contexts will differ from one another. With this in mind, teachers and coaches should observe what they undertake in the teaching environment and whether it is impairing or facilitating the learning. 

    In this Blog, former Physical Education teacher and current Education Project Manager at Tennis AustraliaDr Mitchell Hewitt argues that "there is a no one size fits all approach” when it comes to teaching styles. 

  • BLOG: 10 Links We Like

    27th Apr 16

    April 2016's 'links we like' - articles of interest. 

  • BLOG: Live Strong: Close the Gap

    6th Apr 16

    Thursday, 17 March 2016 saw the tenth anniversary of the Close the Gap campaign for health equality. To celebrate, Oxfam Australia is launching a brand new education resource, created in collaboration with ACHPER National, and on behalf of the Close the Gap campaign, entitled Live Strong: Close the Gap.

    The resource enables teachers and students to increase intercultural understanding and awareness of the social determinants of health, and inspires young Australians to take action in their communities in support of the Close the Gap campaign.

  • BLOG: Unpacking a simulation pedagogical approach to HPE

    30th Mar 16

    A continued growth in external teaching and learning (especially in tertiary education systems), presents challenges and opportunities in providing pre-service teachers with real-life Health and Physical Education (HPE) ‘practical’ experiences. 

    Dr Brendon Hyndman from Charles Darwin University has investigated the use of simulation pedagogy as a method that can reproduce strong interactions that occur within practical HPE classes.  By using GoPro Technology Innovation, Brendon is assisting externally enrolled HPE students by providing them with access to simulated learning via ‘point of view’ angles that are important during the practical classes.

  • BLOG: 10 Links We Like

    9th Mar 16

    March 2016's "links we like" - articles of interest. 

  • BLOG: Coaching to Create Thinking Footballers

    25th Feb 16

    Hawthorn Football Club has won the past three AFL Premierships and is regarded by many to have the game’s most elite decision makers, readers of the game and kick executors under pressure. It’s no coincidence that Game Sense coaching is often mentioned when hearing coach Alistair Clarkson talk about coaching methods.

    Dave Reynolds from the SANFL explores how coaches can develop not just the technical movement models of possession skills (kicking, handballing, marking etc.), but all facets of ‘on-the-ball’ and ‘off-the-ball’ tactical play to create thinking footballers.

  • BLOG: Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility: Thoughts from NZ

    10th Feb 16

    If Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) is the answer for physical education, then what is the question? Does TPSR work in the realities of schools and does it make a difference? These are all great questions that Barrie Gordon from Victoria University in New Zealand explores in relation to schools in New Zealand.

  • BLOG: Future of Coaching in a Changing World

    3rd Feb 16

    An average 21 year old in western society has spent a parallel life in playing video games, leading to the notion that video games are a central part of many people’s lives today. What is it about gaming that captivates the human mind and how can they be aligned to the game centred approach in PE and Sport?

    Amy Price from St Mary's University in London discusses how the principles of ‘good digital game design’ can be used to re-shape the use of the game centred approach in teaching and coaching.

  • BLOG: Resilience and Emotional Regulation in Children

    3rd Dec 15

    Emerging literature in the resilience research has a particular focus on encouraging children to adopt strategies that facilitate emotional regulation.

    In this blog post, Sarah Tillot, PhD Candidate and Lecturer in Health at the University of Wollongong, outlines some self-regulation strategies that can be adopted for children to firstly manage their emotions, then apply techniques to solve the problem. 

  • BLOG: Nature Games

    18th Nov 15

    Thinking outside the square in physical education can lead to student driven resources being utilised by school communities beyond our own domain.

    Anne Goodman from Wanguri Primary School in the Northern Territory, provides a tiny speck of what is possible as it highlights what Physical Education teachers can achieve by empowering our students.

  • BLOG: The Next Evolution in the Coordination of Health & Education

    10th Nov 15

    Launched in 2014, the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model was established to bring the education and health sectors back together. The aim of this model is to highlight the core beliefs of a successful education which is supported by the necessary components around school health.

    Sean Slade, Director of Outreach, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and Core Group member in the development of the new Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model discusses the development of this newly established model.

  • BLOG: Life Learning Through Positive Education

    14th Oct 15

    Positive Education is a new educational paradigm which aims to assist young people to thrive despite life challenges they face. It is not surprising that a vast majority of schools from public and private sectors within Australia and around the world, are seeking more information about this program.

    Dianne A Vella-Brodrick from the University of Melbourne identifies the key opportunities in using the Positive Education program in schools.

  • BLOG: 10 Links We Like

    7th Oct 15

    October 2015's "links we like" - articles of interest

  • BLOG: Enhancing Well-being – Naturally

    16th Sep 15

    The Human Movement Program at the University of South Australia provides first year Human Movement students with a compulsory four day outdoor camp which is viewed as valuable as it is a medium to develop stronger social, learning and professional development relationships.

    In this blog post, Dr Amber Mosewich, Scott Polley and Scott Adams from the School of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, analyse results from a pilot study conducted to examine the camps impact on students' well-being.

  • BLOG: What is your 30 minutes?

    8th Sep 15

    National HPE Day ambassador and President of the Australian Primary Principals Association Dennis Yarrington, believes physically active kids are generally healthier, are more confident, do better at studies and are happier. This extends to us as adults, and he encouraged everyone to focus their attention on their daily habits of being physically active on National HPE Day by finding those 30 minutes. 

  • BLOG: My journey into using IT in PE

    3rd Sep 15

    As a primary school PE teacher, Kirsty Crouch is always looking for new tools to improve her teaching program...... so into the world of IT in PE she jumped!

    In this blog post, Kirsty shares seven iPad Apps which she uses regularly in her classroom that work successfully for her and her students. Are you incorporating any of them in your teaching program yet?

  • BLOG: Putting the propositions into practice

    26th Aug 15

    The new Australian Curriculum for HPE has arrived and the most important parts are at the front. The propositions underpinning the new curriculum should provide the lens through which we introduce some pretty powerful teaching and learning.

    Dr Justen O’Connor from Monash University outlines how teachers can tune into the propositions and do some innovative, strengths-based, critical inquiry to achieve educative outcomes.

  • BLOG: Obesity epidemics – no short term fix, we need long term cures

    19th Aug 15

    Childhood obesity and the 'obesity crisis' continues to be an alarming issue in many countries including Australia. To achieve sustainable change we need to work on developing knowledge about staying healthy, but we also need supportive school policies that support healthy behaviours. 

    Felicity-ann Lewis, former Mayor of Marion council and Senior Lecturer in Health Curriculum Studies at Flinders University, talks about how the OPAL program in South Australia has demonstrated that schools and communities are critical contributors to successful approaches to addressing this challenge.

  • BLOG: Actions outweigh leadership

    12th Aug 15

    The word “leadership” is often used, regularly debated and rarely means exactly the same to the person next to us. In this ACHPER Blog post, renowned coach and sporting personality Jan Stirling talks about the importance of coaches and teachers demonstrating actions on a daily basis that validate the values and standards of behaviour expected of their players or students.

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