A message from our National Executive Director - February 2017

A message from our National Executive Director - February 2017

10th Feb 17

Welcome back to your academic year, in schools, universities and other workplaces around the country aiming to promote health and well-being through education in 2017. I am writing this as ACHPER celebrates a highly successful and educative 30th International Conference and also the release of our Strategic Priorities 2017-2019. The ACHPER International Conference was in many ways an actual celebration of the Strategic Priorities of: Advocacy, Relationships, Leadership, and Branding.  

The 30th ACHPER International Conference provided a brilliant opportunity for the 320 delegates in attendance to share their ideas, expand their knowledge and engage in conversations within and external to the official academic program. 

The importance of what you do as educators was an implicit message from Professor Dick Telford in his Fritz Duras Memorial Lecture and gave us data to advocate with in conversation with Principals, policy makers and other influencers in education. 

The significance of social connection and positive relationships, in particular the school/teacher equation and the positive effect this has on student wellbeing, was just one of the key messages highlighted in Professor Donna Cross’s powerful keynote and reiterated throughout the other keynotes.

As Donna reminded us so succinctly in her presentation, ‘you may not remember all of your students, but they will remember you’. Make your focus this year to build relationships with every child – it is the best predictor of wellbeing and healthy attachment. 

To be able to lead in the delivery of assembling such a highly engaged group of teachers, academics, policy, HPE curriculum, health and sporting presenters, delegates and partners, supporters and trade exhibitors is a privilege for ACHPER. Early survey results indicate that delegates gained as much from the event. 

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of our team to branding ACHPER: Immediate Past President Mr Graeme Quelch and the previous Board for the vision and leadership of reinvigorating ACHPER's presence in Canberra, as well as the Programming and Organising Committees so ably led by local ACHPER ACT representative Dr John Williams and co-chairs Dr Shane Pill and Mr Rick Baldock. It would be also be remiss of me not to mention the wonderful efforts of the ACHPER National office team who provided a collaborative effort to scaffold a wonderfully rich program: Rhiannon Dodd, Chelsea Modra, Gayle Rogers, Megan Mattin and Lorraine Ottanelli.

Thank you and welcome back to the new year - ACHPER and I look forward to offering you support as we aim to implement and deliver on the Strategic Priorities.


Alison Turner

National Executive Director

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