Volume 23 Issue 4 2016: Active & Healthy Magazine

Volume 23 Issue 4 2016: Active & Healthy Magazine

8th Dec 16

Volume 23 Issue 4 2016 of the Active & Healthy Magazine is now available for members to read online.


Articles in this issue include:

The Health Promoting School - An effective way of improving students' health outcomes
Lawry St. Leger

​​​​​Lawry St. Leger tells us that improving student health outcomes is one of the best ventures in which schools can invest their time, funding and energy. The evidence is telling us that healthy students learn better and as a result maximise their learning outcomes. It would seem that along with good content knowledge, effective pedagogies and committed staff, parents and school communities that 'whole child' approaches as suggested by Sean Slade (keynote speaker at the 30th ACHPER International Conference, January 16-18, 2017) is possibly one of the best ways to improve student achievement.

Lawry St. Leger also introduces the concept of the Health Promoting School (HPS) as an effective way of improving student's health outcomes. If you are looking for an evidence informed way to improve the learning outcomes of students', then this article is not to be missed.


Enhancing staff health and well-being in schools
Rita Alvaro & Hayden McDonald

Rita Alvaro and Hayden McDonald provide a case study that reviews the underlying mechanisms that enable or constrain the adoption and success of well-being programs. Their findings demonstrate the importance of focusing not only on behavioural but also structural changes. Through these approaches they report that well-being can become embedded within a school's culture. 


Inclusive Physical Education: Kids understanding the learning needs of classmates with disability
Dr Phil Doecke

​​​​Nearly every class in Australia includes a child with a disability and as Phil Doecke points out, each should be learning equally and effectively alongside their classmates. Recently political and departmental policies are requiring evidence of how inclusion and diversity are being implemented in teaching and learning practice; but it is challenging to implement this effectively.

Inclusive physical education practice can be difficult to apply in a class which may include children with disabilities. Physical Education can be an excellent learning context to promote positive inclusive learning. In this article Phil provides activities and strategies for teaching children without disability to better understand and engage in physical activity classes alongside classmates with disability. 


Tennis Australia's Tennis for Primary Schools resource - Appealing to the educative purposes of Physical Education
Rebecca McDonald & Dr Mitchell Hewitt

In January 2017 Tennis Australia will launch its second edition of the Tennis for Primary Schools resource. The revised resource has been mapped to align more closely with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education with explicit links to the strands of Movement and Physical Activity and Personal Social and Community Health.

This article by Rebecca McDonald and Mitch Hewitt highlight these links and outlines the key features of the Tennis for Primary Schools resource with some practical examples.


Management of Concussion in Athletes
Sports Medicine Australia

Sports Medicine Australia provides an introduction to the key principles surrounding the management of concussion. This is must read article for all Physical Educators and Sport teachers.


Move for well-being in schools: Implementing physical activity in Danish public schools
Soren Smedegaard

This article is about the effects of recent reforms to Danish Public School education. Søren Smedegaard reports on how the former government initiated the biggest reshaping of primary and lower secondary schools in forty years emphasising that 45 minutes of exercise and physical activity is part of the integrated school day at all year levels. With this reform in mind his research team launched a comprehensive research project focusing on the benefit of a multi-component physical activity intervention on well-being. This article presents the context, intervention and initial results of the project with a specific focus on implementation and the educator's experiences with the intervention.


Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges in the AC: HPE - considering purposes of Indigenous Games
Sue Whatman & Troy Meston

An article of interest to all HPE educators by Sue Whatman and Troy Meston discusses how Indigenous games have clear educative purposes and are a 'natural opportunity' to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges in the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. They suggest that teaching of these games and activities be undertaken in tandem with respectful dialogue and engagement within the cultural interface. 


Future of Coaching in a Changing World
Amy Price

This article by Amy Price discusses the use of the Good Game Design framework (Gee, 2013) from video gaming and how this framework can be applied when teaching and coaching invasion games.


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