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Why Publish with ACHPER?
ACHPER publishes support materials for educators and its members in schools and educational institutions. As an author you will have the opportunity to work with and access our expertise in editorial, marketing, sales and customer service. Proposed publications should address one of the areas of interest of ACHPER.

Submitting Your Proposal
If you have an idea for a book or have completed a manuscript that you think would be a good fit for ACHPER, please email or mail the following proposal information to us.

  • A brief synopsis of the book.
  • Table of contents. If possible, include a descriptive paragraph on each chapter.
  • Minimum of two sample chapters (not necessarily consecutive). Supplied on A4 paper, double spaced and not bound.
  • The number of illustrations, tables and photographs you intend to use in the finished work.
  • A brief outline on why the book is needed in the marketplace. How will your book be similar to, as well as different from competing books.
  • The intended audience for your book.
  • What is the status of your book (an idea, in progress or completed).
  • Your expertise in the area covered in the manuscript.
  • Your recent curriculum resume, listing qualifications and experience, and any previous publications (if any).
  • Any other information that you believe is necessary for us to make an informed decision.

Please only send copies of your submissions (do not include originals). ACHPER bears no responsibility for the loss of damage for unsolicited material received.

We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal and give you an estimate on how long the process will take.

Please send submissions to:
Rhiannon Dodd
184a Grange Road

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